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Blue Hill Nature Reserve Cape Weaver Project

Researcher/s: Alan Lee, , ,

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Species: Cape Weaver (Ploceus capensis)
Location: Blue Hill Nature Reserve, Western Cape, South Africa
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Running From: 2011 - onwards
Ring Type: Legring: 3 colour rings on leg without metal SAFRI
Colour Combination:

The aim of the study is to investigate patterns of aggression related to age. There is a substantial Cape Weaver population within the Blue Hill Nature Reserve, many of which are residents. Colour-ringing individuals allows researchers to easily document 'resightings' without targeted recapture efforts, reducing the disturbance to the local colony. Trial ringing of selected male Cape Weavers have shown that there are no obvious negative effects: these birds continue to be residents within the reserve and successfully rebuild nests at the colony each year.